Employee Onboarding Into Company Management

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Functions of the onboarding solution:

  • Storage of different job preparation tasks to be performed before the employee comes to the company;
  • Possibility to create different task templates that will be adapted to different groups of employees (eg one task if an administrative department employee is hired, other tasks if a Production department employee is hired). The number of templates is unlimited;
  • Automatic start of tasks for responsible persons when a new employee card is created in the system. The process of approving / rejecting tasks, adapting even the most complex sequences;
  • Task commenting function;
  • A few days before the start of the new employee's work, the generation of an automatic task for the HR employee to check whether other responsible persons have already performed the work assigned to them;
  • Ability to run the job preparation process for each employee many times. This is useful in cases where an employee changes jobs in the company and etc. Easy search, filtering, review of all tasks related to job preparation;
  • Easy data export to Excel;
  • Easy access rights management.


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