Human Resource Management

Vecticum HR is a modern take on employee information and data management for an efficient business.

Main advantages of this solution:

- Detailed information about employees
- Effective organizational structure
- Personalized staff self-service
- Simple management and analysis
- Accessibility: anywhere, anytime

All information about the employee in one place

The Vecticum HR solution stores all information about the employee and his employment history, not limited to the employee’s employment contracts. Personal information, employment history, probationary period, feedback, training, motivational measures, job
issuance of measures, certificates and work permits with expiration reminders and more …

Organizational structure management

Vecticum HR collects information about employees and graphically depicts the organizational structure. Supported several organizational structures simultaneously. Vecticum HR will take care of access rights depending on the organizational structure. By assigning managers to departments or assigning direct managers to employees, the system will provide all the necessary rights and streamline automated management processes.

Organization structure

Employee self-service

Employees will no longer need to directly contact the HR department for personal data or similar requests. Everything is available on the Vecticum HR self-service portal.

Employees can sign up with an Office365 account or mobile phone receiving a one-time login password via SMS message.

When logged in to Vecticum, employees see all of their data, peer contacts, organizational structure,
vacation, business trip and training calendar. *

* Calendar functionality works in conjunction with additional solutions – holiday management, business trip management, HR training Pro.

Manager's self-service portal

Vecticum HR according to organizational structure data will set up a management team and grant appropriate access to employee data and process automation. This section will track your, and your employee tasks and make sure you don’t forget to follow them up.

During your absence, Vecticum HR  will forward all tasks to the employee covering for you.

Data and reports

The Vecticum platform is exceptionally fast.  Its excel style filtering and data grouping makes it easy to reach everyone’s data.

The Vecticum security module takes care of that confidential information would not be seen by other employees and full data encryption ensures their full growth.

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