Purchase Process Management

The purchase process tool allows the entire company’s purchase process – from the purchase application to the conclusion of the contract and receipt of invoices – to be transferred to the electronic space.

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How it works?

  • Purchase management in Vecticum's digitalization platform manages:
    1. Purchase application submission
    2. Purchase application approval
    3. Purchase bidding / poll requirement approval
    4. Collection of information on suppliers and tenders
    5. Confirmation of the winner
    6. Conclusion of a contract with the winner
    7. Control of incoming invoices

Purchase need - formation of a purchase application

A purchase application is a document that a purchasing applicant submits to the purchase processing department in order to initiate a purchase. In the absence of any document management system, this is usually done by e-mail, by post, or in paper format. Submitting a digital application is a more efficient way of presenting and keeping track of purchases. All the applicant has to do is fill in a pre-agreed standardized form, attach the documents and submit the application, on the basis of which a tender or price inquiry will be formed. The tenderer can see the status of the execution of the application, if necessary, communicate with the purchasing entity. The entire history is recorded in the system and is easy to trace and the purchasing process becomes more structured.

Approval of the purchase application

When the applicant forms a purchase application for the purchase processing department, it automatically goes to the company's managers for approval according to the agreed rules. Electronic approval of purchase applications can be organized according to various logics.

For example:

  • Under direct authority - always approved by the applicant's manager;
  • According to the purchase amounts - from the defined amounts will be approved by different Managers;
  • According to the purchased goods - depending on the goods, will be approved by different Managers.

Approval of tender conditions / survey conditions

The person responsible for the execution of the purchases prepares the conditions of the tender or survey and approves them. This ensures that he has a correct understanding of what product needs to be purchased, and that the conditions drawn up are transparent.

Validation can be organized according to various logics.

For example:

  • Always approved by the initiator of the purchase;
  • From the defined amounts will be approved by the Head of the Procuring Entity and additional Managers of the company;

Collection of information on suppliers and tenders

The purchasing entity systematically collects all information related to the ongoing purchase, about the supplier and the purchased goods. The system ensures that no mandatory documents are missed, and also ensures transparency, as all offers and documents will remain in the system permanently.

Confirmation of the winner

After gathering all the information about the suppliers and receiving the purchase offers, the purchasing entity must decide on the winner. The selected winner must be confirmed by the purchase processing department. Validation can be organized according to various logics.

For example:

  • Always approved by the initiator of the purchase;
  • From the defined amounts will be approved by the Head of the Procuring Entity and additional Managers of the company;

Conclusion of a contract with the winner

The contract management module is an electronic tool for working with contracts. When the winner of the tender is selected, the conclusion of a contract with him is organized. With an electronic contract management module, a contract with a supplier can be signed by a qualified e-mail signature immediately in the Vecticum system. The contract may be linked to the original purchase documents - the purchasing application, the documents submitted during the application by the tender. Authorized persons will always have access to the signed contracts with your partners at the appropriate time. Contracts are systematized, cataloged and their basic information is registered, so finding the right contract will always be very easy. If necessary, other accompanying documents may be attached to the contract. The system can filter and view current contracts, monitor contract expiration and receive automatic notifications / reminders about their expiration.

Management and control of incoming invoices

The electronic invoice management solution helps to ensure control whether the purchased goods / services are purchased at the same price as confirmed in the purchase order. If the received invoice exceeds the approved purchase price or the amount does not match, the system automatically informs the responsible persons. Linking the accounts to the budget line of the approved purchase, contract or project ensures that the purchases are carried out within the budget. As the amounts of the invoices received approach the budget limit, the staff responsible may undertake appropriate communication or re-planning of the budget in advance.


Depending on the purchased Vecticum modules, you can have systematized domain databases:

  • procurement tender database;
  • database of tenders / surveys;
  • a database of proposals received;
  • database of procurement contracts;
  • account database.

Easy search

Purchase applications can be linked to the supplier-winner, contract, purchase invoice, department, so they will be easy to find and review.

Approval process

The process of approving tenders / tender conditions / procurement winners is organized according to the organizational structure and responsibilities of the staff. The data-based system - the amount, the responsible person, the department or the cost center - involves the staff in the approval process. The company's employees can confirm the received tasks via e-mail. mail, telephone or Vecticum system.

Automatic control

The system can automatically check whether the amount of the concluded contract does not exceed the amount of the approved procurement tender. When linking incoming invoices to a purchase order / contract, the system can automatically calculate whether the total amount of invoices linked to the purchase order does not exceed the approved budget. Discrepancies are noted and sent to the responsible persons for review and approval.


All issues arising during the procurement process can be addressed with the help of the comments function. When questions arise at any stage of the procurement process, employees can simply write a question and send it to the person of their choice. Employees will be able to answer the received question / comment directly from the e-mail. email, via mobile phone or while in the Vecticum system. The history of all questions and answers is recorded on the card.


Digitized data provides the ability to receive reports by procurement customers, procurers, purchase duration, purchased goods, purchase amounts, suppliers, etc. You can view report data directly in the system, you can easily export the data to Excel or make interfaces and export to the Business Intelligence (BI) system, such as. Microsoft Power BI.

Rights management

The Vecticum system has very easy access rights. The system can determine which positions have the right to access one or another data.

Standardization of enterprise group processes

With the system, you can easily standardize the procurement processes, data collection and approval rules used in different companies. You will provide convenient access to employees working in multiple companies. Security and change history All data, both the files themselves and the metadata, are stored in the system in encrypted form. Any changes are recorded in separate records.


Vecticum's open integration interface allows automatic data transfer to the most popular ERP and business analytics systems.

Purchase process

Purchase process management is an area of ​​business processes that allows companies to manage purchase process activities, relationships with suppliers and purchasing customers.

The main goal of purchase process management is to save the company's costs and increase the company's profit. To ensure maximum profitability for an organization, it is essential that quality products and services are purchased at the best price from reliable suppliers. To ensure the most cost-effective results, purchase process strategies need to be tailored to the core purchase cycle so that all purchase functions are best managed from a single central location.

Many companies invest a lot of resources in inventory, but do not manage the purchasing process itself. Purchasing activities include not only the purchase of inventory, but also the analysis of products needed for business, inspection and selection of suppliers, organization of the purchasing process, further monitoring to ensure that the goods are delivered on time, in good condition and in the right quantity, budget control. Good purchase process management practices simplify and standardize the purchase process in the company.

In the electronic space, the purchase processes become:

  • Transparent - you store all information related to the purchases in one system, you communicate with the purchasing customers through comments, everyone is automatically involved in the process, all actions and documents remain in the system, thus avoiding some bias;
  • Automated - The system automatically selects approvers according to the installed approval rules;
  • Efficient - the order of the purchasing process is installed into the system, which ensures that no steps are missed or performed differently than necessary;
  • Neat - everything is in one place: purchase application, purchase tender / survey conditions, received bids, evaluation of bids and confirmation of the winner;
  • Controlled - Managers responsible for the purchase process can analyze various indicators: the number of purchases over a period of time, the duration of the purchase, savings achieved during the negotiations, customer satisfaction with the service received, etc.


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