Document Management

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Document management solution functions:

  • A clear register of company procedures and orders and other documents in one place;
  • Access to a valid document from anywhere, anytime;
  • Procedure versioning;
  • Ability to create document templates for documents independently (eg. for orders);
  • Automated order approval process (internal visioning) even for the most complex sequencing sequences;
  • Possibility to have a non-automated approval process and for non-standard documents to individually select the people who have to approve the document;
  • Possibility to write comments;
  • Automated process of introducing employees to the document;
  • Signing of procedures with a qualified electronic signature that complies with the requirements of "eiDAS";
  • Ability to create an automatic reminder;
  • Easy access rights management;
  • Possibility to divide employees in the system into groups outside the organizational structure;
  • Automatic assignment of orders and orders according to the formed groups of employees;
  • Compliance with BDAR requirements is automatically ensured;
  • No speed issues, regardless of the amount of data in the system;
  • Access to the system from a mobile phone;
  • Document search, filtering, review;
  • Easy data export to Excel.


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