Time-saving tools for daily business tasks.

One cloud platform for all business affairs from  HR and Invoice approval to purpose-built, mission-critical content services applications.

HR managment

Personnel database

Holidays & Absence management

Business trips & Expenses reimbursement

Performance evaluation

Invoice management

Procurement managment

Contract management

Document management

Case managment


Human resources

Self-service driven portal for everything you need to manage an organisation’s Human Resources.

Contractor On-boarding and collaboration

Compliance and collaboration management solution to make qualification and on-boarding processes smooth and frictionless.

Invoice processing

Automated invoice processing tool with comprehensive reconciliation and automation engine.

Invoice recognition

Send bills directly or from your system with automated recognition and link data with your existing solution.

Adopt one of our 
existing products or 
create a new solution
solving your specific
business needs.

Designed for

Businesses of any size may benefit from the content service applications.



Know-how and unique services are always a key success factor in a professional business. Improving them with the application is a hard choose between cheap non-customisable and expensive, complicated solution. With Vecticum you don’t have to choose. Build tailored solution in a fraction of the price a use it as a service with no associated costs.


High competition, demand for quick wins and agility does not conform to months you have to spend implementing compromised, expensive platforms. Vecticum Cloud solutions enriched by shared services like invoice recognition, task management, role based user interface and etc. allows to implementing collaboration tools a weeks.


One size does not fit all. The notion that one monolithic solution can address all of an enterprise’s content needs is no longer realistic. Enterprise content is increasingly distributed and diverse. Vecticum is an user centric platform, which integrates content from multiple enterprise solutions, enriching them with shared services and providing tailored solution according specific use case.


How it works

Combining the convenience of SaaS with the capabilities of on-premise platforms.

Google Cloud 
Content platform

Vecticum Content 
Service Components

Vecticum Content 
Services Applications

Google Cloud Content platform

Backed up by Google Cloud, Vecticum security management, data isolation and DPO (Data protection Officer) access authorisation functions ensuring ultimate data safety and GDPR compliance.

Vecticum Content Service Components

Interconnected and highly adaptive. It allows tailoring existing tools or the ability to create new ones ensuring single point of contact for your team and partners to address any business needs.

Vecticum Content Services Applications

Provides thorough mastered tools designed with attention to details and releases your team from routine, time consuming duties.