Employee performance evaluation

VECTICUM platform allows you to conduct a well organized, smooth and transparent employee performance appraisal. Our solution ensures that the process is followed according to company rules, simplifies and automates the process itself, and provides the Company’s Managers and Personnel Management specialists with summarized information and allows it to be analyzed in various sections.

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A simplified performance evaluation process

During the performance appraisal process, it is necessary to ensure that a large number of employees simultaneously participate in the process in an orderly manner. The process generates a large amount of data and requires that different parties to have access to different times in the process. This VECTICUM solution not only helps to avoid chaos but also manages the flow of information according to a defined workflow. With the implementation of an electronic performance appraisal solution, you gain an advantage of having the ability to fill in and store information in electronic space and each party involved can easily access the required data and information in real-time.

Employee empowerment

Depending on the culture of your organization, this VECTICUM solution allows you to start the performance appraisal process from the "bottom" or "top" of your organization. Empower your employees to be the first to express an opinion and provide the Manager with an evaluation of their performance prior to their interview. Prior to the planned discussion, the manager will receive insights from the employee's performance evaluation of the previous period, an opinion on the goals of the new period. This helps them to be able to think better about his / her assessment and conduct an informed performance discussion.

The functionality of the VECTICUM system allows you to install the electronic signature function. This feature replaces the paper signature internally.

Automated and transparent evaluation process

VECTICUM functionality allows your company to have a digitized process that effectively ensures the mandatory participation of all desired persons in the performance evaluation. Automated document submission, reconciliation and approval sequences will help to avoid errors and save time. The system will avoid unilateral evaluation of employees without coordination between the two parties. Also, all the parties involved will have the opportunity to write a comment at any stage of the process, thus ensuring smooth and clear communication.

Performance evaluation history

This VECTICUM solution ensures the permanence of information, keeps all performance appraisal cards for all employees in one place, makes it easy to find the desired information, and, if necessary, analyze data from several different performance appraisal periods, monitoring employee progress over time.

Evaluation of the ongoing process

This solution will allow HR professionals or managers to easily see the status of the ongoing performance appraisal process in real-time: how many employees have already had performance appraisal interviews and agreed and confirmed everything with the line manager, and how many are still involved in the process. If necessary, it will be possible to identify problem areas in a timely manner and eliminate them promptly.

Easy data processing

Any performance appraisal process generates large amounts of data that need to be processed quickly and efficiently. The VECTICUM system will facilitate access to a variety of performance appraisal data, helping HR professionals quickly generate the necessary reports from a variety of data sources.

Main advantages of this solution:

  • A clear and transparent performance evaluation process;
  • Employee performance data in one place;
  • Previous performance evaluation data protection;
  • Different performance evaluation periods (evaluation of the ended period, adjustment of the objectives of the new period);
  • The ability to create custom performance evaluation periods;
  • Ability to write comments during an evaluation process;
  • Ability to assign different company departments individual goals;
  • Ability to link goals with KPIs;
  • Ability to determine emloees scompetencies;
  • Ability to create employee growth plan;
  • Clear communication principle, opportunity for the employees to express their opinions;
  • Automated approval and verification sequences.


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