Business Trip Management

Vecticum’s business trip management solution helps the employee to properly process the business trip, reduce manual workload for accounting and inform managers with information about planned and actual business trip expenses in one place.

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From now on managing business trips will be easy!

Thanks to the exclusive and secure architecture of the Vecticum platform, the user is provided with all the relevant information about tasks, comments, important events and tasks of on the home screen.  You can organize a new business trip with the press of a button.

No more mistakes while filling the business trip request

Thanks to a modern user interface and attention to detail, you can register your request with a few clicks. Vecticum will take care off arranging the infromation and provide you the overview.

According to the policy of your company, the approval process will start. You will be notified by e-mail or notification to your smartphone about the confirmation or rejection of the business trip.

We will help managers to find time for formalities

In a busy day of a manager, there is little time for formalities.

Vecticum platform makes sure that the manager does not forget to confirm a business trip or it's report, as it can now be done from anywhere with a single button. Intelligent message management won't let you forget the delayed documents.

There has never been an easier way to pay for your expenses

Vecticum platform is available anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Upload all receipts and bills immediately into Vecticum by activating a smartphone camera when you receive them. Later, after finding a free minute, you will be given the necessary details about expenses.

If you use West Express for travel arrangements, all costs associated with your posting will be charged automatically.


With exceptionally fast data processing Vecticum will allow you to conveniently filter and compare planned and actual costs of the business trip.

One button will export all data to Excel. Data security will ensure that managers and employees see only the data they are allowed to see.

Main advantages of this solution:

  • Fast registration of business trips;
  • Trip progress reports;
  • Business trip authorization protocols;
  • Easy to allocate cost and records;
  • Accessibility: anywhere, anytime.


To order this solution, fill out the contact form below: enter the information provided in the form and mark the areas of interest. Our representative will contact you to help resolve any issues with the installation and use of the product demo.

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