Probationary Evaluation Management

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Functions of the probationary evaluation solution:

  • Probationary period standard (compulsory) task storage;
  • Possibility to create different evaluation templates for the probationary period, which will be adapted to different groups of employees (eg one task if an Administrative employee is employed, different tasks if a Production employee is employed). The number of templates is unlimited;
  • Possibility to add individual probationary tasks for each employee to the mandatory tasks;
  • Task commenting function at any stage of the process;
  • Ability to make certain comments invisible to the employee. This is useful when you want to highlight important moments;
  • Possibility to assign a separate document to each task, which will describe additional information;
  • Task performance evaluation function;
  • Electronic archive of pilot performance evaluations. Search, filtering, review of pilot performance evaluations;
  • Easy data export to Excel.


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